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Why Choose Us

Advantages of our company in comparison with competitors

Professional Team

Customers and their needs are the main focus of our attention and research that we conduct every day.

Instant Replenishment

All deposits are made instantly, except for bank transfer

2300+ Tools

Online investments in global stocks, indices, metals, currencies and energy resources that are transparent and accessible to everyone.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is a currency exchange technology where you can buy or sell contracts for various cryptocurrencies.

Asset Security

There has not been a single case of a security breach in the last three years. This is achieved with the help of the Investor Safety and Protection Fund.


It is possible to quickly exchange assets at their full value. Liquidity is provided by a high speed of implementation.

4 responses to “MYMACD Review”

  1. Illegally, Mymacd offers a brokerage service in the CIS countries as well. Residents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus put their capital at risk by registering on the platform of a fake intermediary. The office did not receive permission from local regulators, it provides services without permission. If a financial conflict starts, you will not be able to count on the help of supervisory authorities. They are powerless in front of a fraudulent dummy (unless they add it to the black list).

  2. Mymacd promises access to trade 2,100+ instruments. This includes not only currency pairs, but also precious metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and securities. According to legend, 14 liquidity providers provide instant execution of transactions. Given that the organization has a complete failure with legal documents, information about reliable providers is definitely fake. No exchange will cooperate with a fraudulent broker.

  3. There is no information about financial discipline on the site. The broker does not report the rules of payments, commissions. In the reviews, users report that not a penny can be taken from the platform.

  4. Mymacd positions itself as a well-known international broker, which has already acquired 50+ offices around the world (the main office is located in London). Strictly speaking, this is all the specifics about the intermediary. The company does not disclose what experience it has in the financial markets, does not provide success statistics and a roadmap. Hides Mymacd and executive names. Who will be responsible in case of force majeure is unknown.

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