easyMarkets Review

easyMarkets is a Cyprus-based Forex trading firm and Broker that started its operation back in 2001 and was one of the first to offer online trading at their developed user-friendly platform.

easyMarkets offices are located in Shanghai, Sydney, and Limassol (Cyprus), as well as the Marshall Islands, to be able to offer services globally and provide personal customer service.

While, the company strives to deliver trustful trading conditions in response to market volatility with fixed spread and no slippage, thus the traders always know their costs.
The idea to democratize trading since the beginning started as a company idea that accepted an initial deposit of only 25$, while further the broker enlarged their client base and got many positive regards in terms of their trading environment.
Over the years of expansion easyMarkets CFDs offering the range currently includes Forex instruments, global indices, energies, metals, and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.

Is easyMarkets a market maker?
Yes, based on our findings, the broker claims itself a market maker broker meaning that they quote both bid and ask prices with the intention to make profit from bid-ask spreads

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  1. This broker’s fee structure is nothing short of daylight robbery. They don’t stop at overcharging; their trading platform is riddled with glitches that cost me substantial losses. Avoid them like the plague unless you have money to burn.

  2. I have never encountered a broker so dedicated to ensuring traders lose their money. Spreads are manipulated, stop-loss orders are triggered without cause, and it’s nearly impossible to turn a profit. Save yourself the heartache and keep your money far away from this den of thieves.

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