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European Auction Car Service
European Auction Car Service

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About company:

About company European Auction Car Service:

European Auction Car Service, a leading company in its field, provides a full range of services including insurance, customs clearance and transport arrangements. Customers who value the quality and reliability of delivery of their vehicles choose European Auction Car Service as their preferred partner due to the high level of professionalism and reliability that the company provides.

European Auction Car Service Reviews from real customers:

European Auction Car Service
European Auction Car Service

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  1. I came here to buy a car from a German auction. Everything was done very quickly and at a low price.

  2. All the conditions of the company are described on the website, plus everything can be clarified in the telegram chat. I transferred only 30% of the advance payment, the rest after I picked up the car. The car came in 28 days, everything is perfect, we’ll see how it goes.

  3. After a long search, I came across the site
    After studying everything arranged for me, I took the car in installments for a year at 3% per annum. I recommend.

  4. The guys are professional and most importantly quickly do their job, carefully approach all issues. With such employees, European Auction Car Service will definitely be the leader among companies that bring cars from Europe. Thanks again. I recommend this company to everyone, everything is open and honest.

  5. was attracted by advertising on the European Auction Car Service website. I was just looking for a reliable company. Ordered Audi RSQ8 2022 4.0 Petrol 800hp 1.220km for 110.000 Euro

  6. Bought a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Signed a contract for the supply of cars in my city, paid an advance. Satisfied with the car

  7. Paid 30% of the cost and 2500€ for the delivery of the Lamborghini Huracan to the port of Jeddah. After 29 days, the car was taken away, which we were pleasantly surprised.

  8. European Auction Car Service representatives contacted me, explained the purchase process. I signed an installment agreement for a year, the installment was 40% of the price of the car.

  9. I signed a contract, paid 30% of the cost, and after 28 days in the city of jeddah, I already took the car.

  10. As I drew up the contract, I paid 40% of the cost, I can recommend the rest upon arrival at the port of Jeddah European Auction Car Service.

  11. I was satisfied with the cooperation. I plan to contact European Auction Car Service again.

  12. The car arrived from Germany on time. There were no problems with registration and delivery, everything was done quickly, I paid in two stages, as it is written in the contract – 30% down payment, delivery and auction fee, the balance has already been paid upon delivery to the city of Ajman.

  13. The documents were quickly processed, the advance payment was paid and the managers started their work. Paid an advance in usdt.

  14. Initially, I liked three options. I settled on an Aston Martin DBS. I sent them documents and an advance payment for the ransom -30%. Delivery to the port of Jebel Ali and paperwork took 28 days from the moment we signed the contract.

  15. Despite the fact that I have absolutely no need for finances, I am the kind of person who does not like to overpay. That is why I chose the European Auction Car Service website for buying cars for the whole family. You can buy a car both from an official dealer in Germany and from a leasing company. Bought already 3 cars, all three PORSCHE

  16. Thanks to the company, we ordered a Porsche Macan GTS 440hp, 2.300km car, we thought we would wait a long time, but in fact it turned out to be very fast and also cheaper than we thought, thanks

  17. If you want to buy a car from Europe, please contact European Auction Car Service. Personally, I recommend. In March 2022, I bought a Land Rover Defender, 2022 car. The quality of the delivered cars is amazing. recommend 5+

  18. European Auction Car Service from the first contacts showed their openness on all issues. Timely and clearly informed about the selected car, confirming all the actions with photos. It is very good when each step of interaction is documented. This increases the credibility of the company. Big fellows. Porsche 911 2021 3.8 began to delight from the first minute after the transfer. I recommend contacting the European Auction Car Service team.

  19. According to my budget, I chose a car on their website European Auction Car Service, told the manager, and in the course of the car was redeemed. I paid an advance payment of 30% and the rest upon receipt of the car. For Mercedes-Benz GLE350 I paid 40.000 Euro

  20. Very pleased with the quality of the car, no scratches found, the interior is perfect. I paid the first installment – a third of the cost of the car, and the balance upon receipt of the car, the balance was transferred in a crypt to USDT.

  21. Almost everything will be done for you, just approve, sign and exit the contract. They even picked up the car. The calculation was made in the crypt, he transferred the entire amount at once, since he had previously collaborated with European Auction Car Service. Been driving my car 4 weeks later.

  22. I paid by SWIFT payment – 30% of the cost of the car, the rest of the calculation was in the port of Jeddah as I picked up the car. Registered. Everyone is happy.

  23. Most recently, we became the happy owners of an almost brand new (the car was after a test drive) Land Rover Range Rover Sport, 2022. Bought through the company European Auction Car Service, remotely. We paid relatively little money for such a car – 69.000 Euro.

  24. Купил Mercedes-Benz G400 с пробегом 13.200km. за 68.000 Euro. Цены на автомобили в Германии горозда ниже чем в Дубаи.

  25. Designed a car under the order with delivery to the city of Medina from the company European Auction Car Service! They bought the car of my choice and delivered it to my city, 30 days have passed since I transferred the money to buy the Porsche Macan 2021. I express my gratitude to the company.

  26. I ordered a Bentley Continental 2022 6.0 Benzin from European Auction Car Service in an excellent configuration. I was satisfied with everything

  27. I turned to European Auction Car Service on the recommendation of friends who had already taken cars from Germany here. I needed a 2022 Dodge Ram TRX in like new condition and they helped me find one with 2.400km. the car cost me 75.000 Euro)

  28. Everything is super, I will advise you to friends just as you were advised to me. Everything went according to plan, the car was paid for, loaded onto a ship and sent to the port of Jebel Ali

  29. I was attracted by positive reviews about the company, having studied the activity, I ordered a car. After paying for a part of the car and concluding a contract, 4 weeks have passed since I already drove a Mercedes-Benz S580.

  30. I regularly buy cars here for work, 2-3 cars a year. Everything is fast, clear and reasonably priced. Cars arrive at the port of Jebbel Ali

  31. I read the reviews about the work of European Auction Car Service and I am ready to subscribe to all the positive assessments addressed to them. I paid attention to them after the recommendation of my friends, who already had experience of cooperation and buying cars through the company. The company bought and brought me a Mercedes-Benz G63,2021 with a mileage of 14.000km. I paid 100.000 euro for the car. All payments were made through the crypto-exchange, paid with the USDT cryptocurrency

  32. In the future, if I buy a car, I will definitely contact European Auction Car Service and recommend it to my friends. Good luck to you and your company!!!

  33. Transferred an advance payment of 22,500 euros to the company. The contract was concluded with European Auction Car Service remotely, communication took place in telegrams. I waited a lot and took my Mercedes-Benz S400. In total, I paid 75,000 euros for this car. The car was quickly delivered to Ajman. In general, the service is very satisfied 👍🏻

  34. They have a convenient service, I liked the large selection of cars on their website. Many thanks to the manager, and he helped me pick up the car and made a purchase at the auction. Mercedes-Benz G63 in excellent condition, as I wanted.

  35. If you are in doubt, went to read the reviews and are waiting for a sign to decide, then this is definitely it, I recommend it!

  36. If you need to buy and drive a car from a European auction – feel free to contact the company! You sign a contract, pay a commission and that’s it. Terms are not violated, the price of the car has not changed. I recommend to everyone 👍

  37. If you need a car, please contact the company, draw up an agreement safely! There are many different brands of cars on the company’s website. Delivered to Bahrain in 28 days. I paid 2500 euros for delivery.

  38. After looking at the site and the reviews of those who have already used the services of the company, I think that I will contact them in the near future.

  39. This is where I looked for reviews about this company, I found only positive 😊. And my friends also praised. I can join.

  40. Hello. The contract was signed in early December. At this point, 29 days have passed since the conclusion of the contract, the car is already in the port in Jebbel Ali, tomorrow I will go to pick it up!

  41. Ready to recommend. Thank you for my Toyota Land Cruiser 300. See you soon. 🤝🏻

  42. I called, ordered, sent money for the car and the process began. I will say that the company is honest and all payments are honest!

  43. Will I use the company again? Yes, I will definitely recommend them to my friends. THANKS A LOT! Read reviews and beware of scammers and scammers

  44. I want to thank the European Auction Car Service company for the delivery of the BMW X6m, I took the car in installments, paid 40% 16.000Euro to buy the car.

  45. I called the company only once before sending the signed contract and prepayment. Further, only correspondence by telegram. The manager sent me the translated auction sheets, and I already wrote back the answer to him – to place a bid or not. A couple of days later, the bet played and after 27 days I took the car at the port of Casablanca in Morocco

  46. We are satisfied with the services and service of the company, we will continue to carry cars through their website!

  47. When choosing a company, I referred to the opinion of a friend who advised me to choose this company. Moreover, he never bought a car through this company, just like me! Recommend!

  48. They brought me to Ed-Dammam quickly, took them out of the port themselves and I received all the necessary documents and gave me a ready-made car.
    Very pleased with the work. Thank you for the car, I wish you good luck in business!

  49. If you are going to buy a new car, then order it from an auction in Europe, but do not buy from ads. I have already encountered bad cars, so I turned to the guys to bring the car. Helped with the selection and delivery, thank you!!

  50. Not disappointed thank God in his choice.
    I chose the car for a long time and carefully, apparently your nerves were ruffled a little, but then you received another positive review!

  51. The work is excellent. They did not deceive on more than one clause of the contract! Very pleased with the car.

  52. Liked the service. After the conclusion of the contract at the auction, the manager bought the Mercedes-Benz G63 4.0 Benzin from the auction. It was delivered to Qatar in just over 4 weeks. Paid the entire cost with USDT cryptocurrency. Recommend. Well done guys

  53. Complete set of cars was more than I expected, super. I recommend the company to everyone!

  54. was pleased with the cooperation with the company, bought and delivered a Mercedes-Benz EQ S450. Everything is high quality and on time! I paid 64,000 euros for the car.

  55. I found my car in their catalog on their website. Always wanted a 2022 Mercedes G63 4.0 Petrol. I bought her. Mileage 2.650km. Together with the delivery of the auction fee, I paid 130,000 € for the car

  56. That year we bought 2 cars, the company is excellent, the prices for cars are reasonable!

  57. I bought a Mercedes-Benz G63 2023. It’s great that it is possible to pay in usdt

  58. The manager got very literate in technical matters, ready to give any information on the car. I told for the installment plan, it seemed convenient to me at the moment (installment terms -40% and installment plan at 3% per year). They signed a contract to buy a car in my name and brought the car to the port of Jeddah

  59. I ordered a Ferrari SF90 car. European Auction Car Service workers brought the car to. Everything was done quickly and at reasonable prices. Paid in advance according to the contract. The purchase was made in my name. Very pleased with the purchase.

  60. Today I paid for my car before loading onto a car and sending it to Abu Dhabi. I’ll post the results in 4 weeks!

  61. The car arrived in perfect order) Thank you very much for the pleasant and high-quality work! It is very pleasant to work with you and the result pleases)

  62. I want to thank the company for the excellent work and professionalism, which is important when working via the Internet) I was very pleased with the quick delivery of the car.

  63. Everything that depended on Anton’s team was done with brilliance, many thanks to them. I’m sure this won’t be my last purchase from them.

  64. For those who are waiting for the car – endurance and patience. If you have any doubts – believe me, this team is professionals in their field. I have previously worked with other companies, but here you will do GOOD!

  65. I want to thank the company for the services rendered in the purchase of two cars. Cars were bought with a difference of one year. Bought for the first time in my life remotely and from an auction in Europe. I paid both the advance payment and the final amount for the car before loading onto the ship by SWIFT transfer. Cars are delivered on average in 4 weeks.

  66. Happy with the result! At first it was kind of scary.
    Without seeing the car, trust and not miscalculate. As a result, I am now a happy owner of a BMW M8
    I want to thank everyone from the company.

  67. After payment, the car was ready for transfer at the port of Jebbel Ali 27 days after the conclusion of the contract and payment of the advance payment. Happy with the car, it’s super for the city. Many thanks to the company – you are great. I recommend to everyone.

  68. I was attracted by the fact that you can pay with usdt crypto, all documents are provided. I was glad when I received my Mercedes EQS580.

  69. I paid for the car in the usdt cryptocurrency, it turned out to be more profitable for me as it turned out

  70. I feel great joy from getting a new car and from working with such a reliable team. Well done, you are amazing! I want to thank the whole team again!

  71. I made a third of the cost of the car as a down payment for its redemption, and paid the remaining amount while loading the car for shipment to my city, using the USDT cryptocurrency as payment.

  72. As I concluded the contract, I paid an advance payment of 30%. Bought a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT53. Great car

  73. Through this company, a 2022 Mercedes-Benz G400 with a mileage of 2,100 km was purchased for 70,000 euros. Received the car at the port of Jeddah

  74. 11.18 made an order for Land Rover Range Rover in this company, signed an agreement and sent an advance payment of 31800€. We discussed that the payment will be from a legal entity through a SWIFT transfer. 12.02 I picked up the car at the port of Kasablanca in Morocco.

  75. I settled on installments of 3% per year. Explained in detail the payment schedule and how to pay. I recommend the company!

  76. they did a great job, found out the preferences for the car, submitted an application at the auction and bought my car back! Satisfied with the car! Everything is fair, I paid the entire cost with cryptocurrency.

  77. I was attracted by the fact that you can pay with usdt crypto, all documents are provided. I was glad when I received my MERCEDES-BENZ G63.

  78. I did not regret choosing the company. I advise anyone who is going to buy a car

  79. Everything went super, quickly, clearly and efficiently. They brought a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63 for 100,000 euros

  80. Provide a full translation of the auction sheet and photos of the car.
    Payment is clear. All under contract.

  81. Auctioneers translate, clear customs themselves, deliver themselves to the city that I indicated in the contract – super!

  82. I bought a Mercedes-Benz S680 2022 6.0 Benzin 1700km. Took in installments, calculated payments for the year. After redemption, delivery and registration of all papers, I took the car in 28 days in my city Riyadh

  83. in January, I picked up my Land Rover Range Rover 2022 at the port of Jebel Ali. According to the documents, the car was bought for me by the owner. It took 28 days for delivery.

  84. They received the car, they are satisfied, and they did not regret that they decided to purchase a car in this way.

  85. For car delivery, choose European Auction Car Service. I am happy with my car, expectations have been exceeded. Thanks to all.

  86. I ordered this company to take out my first car from Europe, and I am very glad that I made the right choice.

  87. I liked the offer to pay only 30% of the cost of the car at the beginning, and the remaining amount after the car is ready for shipment. This gave me the opportunity to make sure that all conditions are met

  88. Good afternoon, yesterday I received the numbers for the purchased car. I want to thank the team for a job well done. Everything went smoothly, reliably, clearly and quickly. I will recommend you!

  89. They are professionals. Many thanks! The guys helped to buy a Land Rover Defender from an auction in Europe. Everything turned out great!!! I recommend to everyone!

  90. I bought myself a PORSCHE CAYENNE! 2022, mileage 12.462, 75 thousand euros with ALL expenses!

  91. Two vehicles have already been delivered to United Arab Emirates. I paid only 30%, the rest after the car was bought and sent to the port for loading and sending to me as the owner, at that moment I paid the remaining amount for the car. Both cars pleased me as they were taken out of the container.

  92. I advise all my friends to order through the European Auction Car Service if you want an almost new car and save money. Himself through a couple of years back to them.

  93. I read reviews about them, watched YouTube (this partly also played in favor of the decision to choose them – because you trust the company more when you have the opportunity to see in advance in this format how the company works, how what happens) After 3 days, it’s time to pick up your car , as I’ll take it if I don’t forget, then I’ll unsubscribe what’s what.

  94. The car is leasing, but it does not say anything about the fact that it is leasing, it is not clear from it. But the cost is immediately clear, three and a half times cheaper

  95. Hi all! Had experience with European Auction Car Service. The guys are proven, more than once delivered cars to our family. Contract rules are respected

  96. The car was quickly prepared and sent to Dubai. At first they paid only for redemption from the auction, before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  97. I advise everyone to contact the European Auction Car Service. This is one of the few companies that values ​​its reputation, works specifically for customers and fulfills its obligations.

  98. This year, the time has come for me to change, so I turned here again, even to my manager. Literally in one day, we picked up a car (Mercedes-Benz GLE63), it was delivered to me in 28 days. In general, you can easily find any car on their website, it can be even half cheaper than ours in Dubai.

  99. I chose a car at an auction and bought it, the condition is excellent, the price is favorable.

  100. Hooray! Yesterday I took my purchase from the auction in the port of Jebel Ali. From the ship I personally met, as the car left the container, I immediately realized that I did the right thing that I bought a car from abroad!

  101. First paid an advance, and then the remaining amount after buying a car. It was a convenient decision.

  102. I want to thank the company for the excellent delivery and professional support at all stages of the transaction. I am completely satisfied with their work.

  103. The car fully matched the description at the auction. There are no surprises or hidden defects, I got what I wanted.

  104. The condition of the received car was perfect, the interior and exterior look like new. It was a pleasant surprise, especially since I made the purchase remotely.

  105. I wanted to buy a car at an auction in Europe, but being in Oman was not easy to do. However, thanks to Euaсservice, I was able to remotely conclude a contract and pay for the car by SWIFT transfer myself. They organized the delivery of the car on the ship and provided all the necessary documents. Thanks a lot for the great service!

  106. I chose a super car – Mercedes S580, the condition of the car is perfect. The mileage is small – only 1789 km. He handled this matter responsibly.

  107. I am very pleased that I decided to use the auction services to purchase a car. The company demonstrated high professionalism at every stage. After making the down payment, I began to await my car. When it was ready for shipment, I paid the remaining amount without any hitches. The car was shipped by sea, and the 27-day delivery period was observed. The port services provided excellent assistance in receiving my car. Overall, I am satisfied with the entire process and organization.

  108. The process of acquiring a car from this company is backed by a well-established system. I purchased a 2022 Land Rover Range Rover Sport, paying only 132,000 euros for the car itself. The price turned out to be excellent for the year of production, mileage, and condition of the car.

  109. The company fulfilled its obligations and delivered my car on the agreed-upon schedule. It perfectly met my expectations.

  110. Buying a car at an auction in Europe was not as difficult as I had imagined, thanks to Euaсservice. I am located in Doha, Qatar, and was looking for a reliable company to assist me with this process. I remotely contracted with them, and they were very responsive and professional at every stage.

  111. Thanks for the delivery. My children are extremely happy. Let’s hope that business communication with you does not end there.

  112. I liked working with the company, everything is simple and clear. The manager sent the contract remotely for signature, I signed it and sent it back along with the advance payment. Everything is fine. Already before being loaded onto the ship and sent to the port of Jeddah, I paid the remaining amount under the contract. Picked up my PORSCHE 911 yesterday. Thank you!

  113. It took me approximately three and a half weeks to receive my purchase/delivery after contacting them. I was willing to wait longer, but in the end I was 100% completely satisfied.

  114. The car purchase at the auction turned out to be amazingly simple and efficient thanks to the company. I initially made the down payment, after which my car was purchased and prepared for shipment. Then I paid the remaining amount, and my car was sent to me on a container ship. It’s worth noting that the company was able to meet the promised 26-day delivery deadline. The port services were also very professional and helped me receive my car without any issues. Overall, it was a great experience, and I recommend this company for purchasing auctioned cars in Europe.

  115. They have a YouTube channel where you can see reviews of cars, find out what cars they brought in, how much they cost, and make a choice. They did a review on my car, and I already watched it on YouTube before it arrived in my city.

  116. The conclusion of the contract remotely was very convenient and easy. The company provided all the necessary documents and information for a secure transaction.

  117. I bought a Mercedes-Benz G63,2022,4.0 Benzin I paid for the car with a crypt, it cost 125.000€, including delivery and other expenses.

  118. Payment for the car consisted of 30% advance payment and the final payment after purchase and shipment to the port. I appreciated such flexible terms.

  119. I’ve bought cars from Europe before, but there were always some issues, even if they were minor. Thanks to your work, I am now the proud owner of such a car. For those interested, I recommend these guys! Check out their prices on their website.

  120. I live in UAE, a business partner suggested this company. I went to their website, I was satisfied with the company’s policy, and I signed a contract, sent my documents and sent an advance payment. After 28 days I was informed that my car was ready to be handed over to me.

  121. Work is carried out perfectly in all departments. Great staff. Competent and professional approach to your business.

  122. The experience of purchasing a car at an auto auction did not seem difficult at all thanks to this company. They provided reliable support at all stages of the transaction and protected my interests

  123. Excellent company, the employees are only professionals. An honest and transparent approach to car delivery.

  124. It took approximately 28 days to purchase/delivery from the time of contacting them to the port of Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates

  125. Many thanks to the company for excellent support and professional services. I felt your care and attention to detail.

  126. All the conditions of the company are described on the website, plus everything can be clarified in the telegram chat. I transferred only 30% of the advance payment, the rest of the amount upon delivery of the car to my city of Dubai.

  127. Working with this company is a pleasure. Their enthusiasm and knowledge in the field of automobiles creates a trusting relationship with customers.

  128. The bet played quickly – less than a 4 week, two more weeks and the car came to Ed-Dammam. Picked up from Ed-Dammam and drove home himself! Great car, thanks to you and all the employees of the European Auction Car Service.

  129. Many thanks to the whole team for their help in purchasing cars from auctions, I will recommend you to my friends!

  130. I want to express my gratitude for the help in purchasing a car, thank you very much! 🤝🏻

  131. It was quite exciting, because this is the first experience of contacting such services, but everything went great!

  132. There were no problems or delays with the delivery, they delivered it to Riyadh in 29 days from the day the car was bought from the auction.

  133. If you need a car from Europe, feel free to contact the company! You sign a contract, pay an advance payment for the purchase of a car and that’s it. Made in a quality and timely manner, I recommend to everyone! I ordered a Mercedes-Benz S580 2022 here, they offered several options, I chose an acceptable one for myself. I recommend for cooperation !!!

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