Amber Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

The Amber company currently has 7 experienced accountants, each of whom maintains their own portfolio of clients. In addition to them, the company also employs 2 chief accountants who coordinate the work of the team and ensure that it is carried out correctly.
The main activity is customer service for regular customers. The company adheres to the principle that every client deserves not just accounting services, but high-quality and reliable accounting, accurate accounting reports and error-free tax returns. The goal is to do everything possible so that clients can rely on us and have confidence in the reliability of the financial aspects of their business.
Clients can be confident that the company is committed to ensuring their successful financial management and working with Amber is key to achieving their business goals.

+7 (495) 648 61 34
Volkovskoe highway, 23A building 5, Mytishchi, Moscow region

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