Reviews about the law firm Federation of Lawyers “Bichurin and Partners”

Official site:
Phone: +7-977-791-1700
Address: Moscow, Novy Arbat 23, office 33

About company:
The Moscow Bar Association – Bichurin & Partners Federation of Lawyers is included in the register of the Moscow Bar Association. Created in 2016 by its founder and current president, Rinat Bichurin. The Moscow office team consists of experienced lawyers who have passed a rigorous selection to become part of the team. Each of them is a narrow specialist in their field of law. Each one has a wealth of experience behind them.

3 responses to “Reviews about the law firm Federation of Lawyers “Bichurin and Partners””

  1. finally closed their office, but at the same time they managed to get rich in full

  2. Fraudsters. Deposited $200, made trades for $650. They say fill up more! In addition to the group of victims, there is practically nothing about them on the Internet. over time and completely disappeared, for more than a month and no connection. Don’t trust these crooks.

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