Reviews about the law firm Federation of Lawyers “Bichurin and Partners”

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Phone: +7-977-791-1700
Address: Moscow, Novy Arbat 23, office 33

About company:
The Moscow Bar Association – Bichurin & Partners Federation of Lawyers is included in the register of the Moscow Bar Association. Created in 2016 by its founder and current president, Rinat Bichurin. The Moscow office team consists of experienced lawyers who have passed a rigorous selection to become part of the team. Each of them is a narrow specialist in their field of law. Each one has a wealth of experience behind them.

3 responses to “Reviews about the law firm Federation of Lawyers “Bichurin and Partners””

  1. to do with real lawyers, since the latter should help people, and not cheat them, when they have already become victims of scammers. It happened to me like this, I stumbled upon a broker who persuaded me to try making money on the Internet, the manager who talked to me was very convincing and I believed that I could earn money, as a result, having contacted a brokerage office, I lost more than 400 thousand. got into loans. The money is very large, I began to look for the possibility of a return, I also stumbled upon these scammers, I was convinced that we must act urgently, that they have a positive practice of returning money through chargeback. Of course, I could not even imagine that this company, called itself legal, would act exactly like a fraudster broker. Seizing the opportunity to get her money back, she made an advance payment in the amount of 60 thousand rubles. And that’s where all the work of lawyers stopped. They only asked for screenshots and that’s it. Two months later, I began to call them and ask why nothing is moving towards a refund. I was informed that they could no longer help me, because the deadlines for the return were missed. The advance payment that I made with them is considered as payment for the information provided. But the essence of this divorce is that these freaks knew in advance that nothing could be done. I just gave them my money. Now there is no trust in anyone at all! EZRA are not lawyers, but regular crooks!

  2. . I could not get through to the lawyer, he constantly dropped my calls and was mega busy. Only a month later he drew up a statement of claim, which turned out to be absolutely illiterate. And then the meetings began, to which he simply did not come. I began to ring the bells, but I could not achieve anything. The case fell apart before our eyes, and as a result, the court took the side of the insurance company. Nobody returned the money to me, they spoke to me rudely and said that I can do what I want, but they will not return anything to me. The result of my appeal to them is a lost cause, lost time and money. I spent a lot of nerves!

  3. I contacted them through the In Law website, they gave a return guarantee, everything seems to be normal, a representative office, only all this is fictitious – dust in the eyes. My amount stolen by the broker was more than $5,000, I was told to make an advance payment of about $400. Of course, I really believed that they would help me and deposited this amount, after some time I was even informed that my money had been found, that a little more and I would receive it, but I still need to pay a commission for the transfer so that the money would come to me. I paid this commission, and then silence! The scammers from this office have stopped communicating

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