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Phone: +7 (999) 768-68-28

Address: Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 6, p.2

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Begin your virtual asset journey

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Leading Crypto Trading Platform

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World-Class Security & Risk Management System

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Dedicated local service centers in numerous regions and countries around the world, creating a unified blockchain ecosystem for a variety of business lines

8 responses to “Huobi Review”

  1. I have registered to Huobi to buy Nexo tokens at the lowest price.

    I have found the exchange experience fast and easy and the deposit and withdrawal minimum amounts are reasonably low.

    What has made me rate 1 star lower is the customer service:
    it is prominently a Chinese driven business so the language barrier is quite annoying sometimes but all issues can be solved with some patience.


  2. Thank you to you all, who found a time to write a review. I wanted to know about it, because I was getting an offer to try this out from a friend. Well, I will stay away now 🙂 thanks again for the feedbacks!

  3. Don’t try their p2p service. It is a big scam. Have been waiting for almost a week now for my funds. Support either ignores me or tells me to be patient.

  4. It says on the site and app, unverified can withdraw .06 BTC per day.

    But when you try to withdraw it says,
    “Transfer and withdrawal are not supported for your account temporarily. You can apply for the lifting of coin withdrawal limit, and the staff will complete the processing within 1-3 working days.”

    They keep giving you the run around and never verify your account. They want documents of ID and screenshots and pictures, and too much hassle just to withdraw money you deposited. And they keep rejecting everything you upload, even if valid.

    So why say that unverified can withdraw?

    SCAM SCAM SCAM, stay away

  5. Each exchange has its own shortcomings and weaknesses, but this exchange is in the top of the best!

  6. I had the miss-fortune of opening an account with this company HOUBI but due to there skilful marketing they failed ti inform me that the uk is restricted from dealing crypto

    i immediately asked for a refund of my stake
    but they say they cant refund the monies as they are not allowed to do transactions in
    the uk

  7. Scam, they created an etf with name eth*3, i bought it and suddenly they delisted it with all the money gone, you can’t delist a self made coin that doesn’t exist on any other exchange and you cant transfer it anywhere else, all the people money were lost… bunch of scammers

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