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Phone: +2484325339

Address: CT House, Office 4B, Providence, Mahe Seychelles

Email:  [email protected]

About company:

Our Vision

At Capitalix, we want to bridge the gap between the traders and the capital markets,

providing our traders with the tools, strategies, knowledge, execution speed, and support to trade market trends effectively as they develop (instead of having to chase them). We optimize our platform to best help our users understand market trends, ride economic momentum, and make the right decisions to benefit from market volatility.

Our Promise to You

Capitalix bridges the gap between you and the capital markets by empowering you with the most robust platform,

trading experience, and support so you can use market indicators to generate signals for entering and exiting stocks and start investing right away. With 150+ assets to trade, training, and a multilingual support team, we are committed to creating the best trading environment for you  to achieve your trading dreams. With the powerful and easy-to-use Capitalix trading platform, you can gain confidence and start trading immediately.

Capitalix – an award winning broker

Capitalix won the award from the Global Brands Magazine as the fastest growing forex broker in GCC.

11 responses to “Capitalix Review”

  1. Trading with this broker is profitable. Advise are reliable, tools are good and support attends to my needs promptly.

  2. Shame of them, if you have scam, plz ask for help and Google 4 legal action, capitalix need supposition for their behaviors

  3. Not recommend at all they are frauds they only care about take your money. They say always that they are expert in this business but absolutely no there advise only to lose

  4. They call me every 5 days even after telling them that I don’t want to be bothered anymore. One fine day I asked them to remove my details and the person across the line started hurling abuses at me. It was totally uncalled for and I regret ever registering with them.

  5. Capitalix is scam site and they do fake trading to take money from my bank account.
    Thay make contract to take my funds and steal money from me.

  6. Good follow up for investment, helpful in choosing right field for investment. Personal manager is quite cooperative. Got good returns.
    Thanx Capitalix!

  7. They are svammers… They (1st consultant’s name is Alexandro) called me to invest my 200usd and said that I would get training and signal guidance on telegram. Didn’t happen. Lost all the money, and then some other rude guy (couldn’t catch his name) from their office called me the other day trying to convince me to put another 300usd. I kept telling him ‘NO’ and them I hung up the call. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  8. Please, Capitalix, stop pushing people with no trading experience to deposit and trade. They push you to deposit, and they will advise you to take risky trades. They give you a bonus, which, if you are not clever, may allow your actual equity to be blown out and you still think you are in the game, but that amount you cannot withdraw it. They will keep asking you to deposit more capital, until it becomes veeeeeeeeery boring. Their help is dependent on you adding more capital. Please do not us not do this. What is your actually benefit when peoplelose money, from your trading advice. If you claim to be a regulated broker, act professionally; it’s better if a trader loses money due to their lack of knowledge than if you give them risky trades and keep asking for more capital.

  9. I joined Capitalix a year ago and am happy with how user-friendly the platform is. Experience has shown me that Capitalix consistently gives its clients their very best effort. Stefan M., my account manager, has been wonderful to work with.

  10. First of all I can say. They used a phishing scam using Panama prestigious bank saying they work with the bank and this is not true. I learned that lesson late.
    They help you in the beginning investing small amounts in stock that will give you favorable results. Then hunt you to invest more money they push you to ask for money everywhere you can they ask you for thousands of dollars if not your 250 are crap for them. Thank God I did not give more money. After a few days they call me to give me guidance in some investments to end up losing the rest of the money I invested.

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